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K.A.B 9 minute long fourth single in WAV form and MP3. Emailed Directly to you! Only £1.50!

🌊👉Ah, The Prisoner's Voyage, the prog epic, the centrepiece of my debut album ‘Pause/Reflect’. If I had to choose a favourite, this would be it! 🤩 I am beyond happy with how this one turned out. The tones! The journey! The Rhodes! The guitars! The anthemic nature of the piece! 🎸🚢🎶

The song's narrative draws inspiration from the biblical tale of Paul and the shipwreck in Acts 27 and 28. The most quintessential progressive rock piece of music on the album with moments akin to the likes of Pink Floyd, Devin Townsend, and Porcupine Tree but still maintains that K.A.B DNA introduced within our other singles, namely the wall of guitars, the riffs, and the quirkiness. This piece relies heavily on the music to tell the narrative as much as the lyrics and we hope you enjoy!

Right through these storms!

The Prisoners Voyage - Digital Single

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