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K.A.B Debut Single in WAV form and MP3. Emailed Directly to you! Only £1!

"Exploring the hypocrisy within and around us, 'Hypocrites' is a 4-minute rock anthem that challenges societal judgment and invites introspection."

Hypocrites - Digital Single

  • In a world where our generation often finds itself as judge, jury, and executioner within the court of public opinion, it's essential we pause and reflect. We easily possess the power to cast stones and revel in the downfall of others, all while masking our own flaws and missteps. The quest for a supposed 'higher standard' can lead us down a perilous path of hypocrisy, blurring the lines between condemnation and self-examination. Habits of paying attention to what divides rather than what unifies often allows those divisions to become what defines us.

    I am reminded of the Pharisees, renowned for their rigid adherence to tradition, law, and superior sanctity. Blinded by self-indulgence, self-righteousness, and greed, they tore down those who disagreed with them, sometimes in the most painful of ways. Stripped of mercy, compassion, and kindness, their legacy serves as a stark reminder of what we must avoid as a society.

    Grappling with the tensions between judgment and introspection, I've encapsulated these thoughts into a 4-minute and 35-second rock song that delves into the fabric of our society's contradictions, while also confronting these contradictions within myself.

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