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K.A.B second single in WAV form and MP3. Emailed Directly to you! Only £1!

"Break These Chains" is a powerful musical journey that delves into themes of self-deception, insecurities, and societal pressures, offering a prayerful plea for overcoming these struggles through a blend of experimental styles and heavy riffs. It showcases the band's evolving progressive nature, following the footsteps of their previous single "Hypocrites." ðŸŽ¶ðŸ™

Break These Chains - Digital Single

  • ⛓️🎵Cause our hearts to wake up. Let us see the structures of Babylon. We’re building our own prisons. By chasing the desires of Babylon. Trying to the find the answers. By drowning all our sorrows, Babylon. Disguising this as freedom. They’re chains that must be broken away from Babylon.🎵⛓️

    How often do I/we deceive ourselves through patterns of escapism, take on significant insecurities, drown ourselves under the pressures of society, get chained to things both seen and unseen? This song is a prayerful plea on behalf of wrestling through those struggles. 🤼🙏 A thematic and musical Journey. I was excited to experiment with different styles for this one whilst keeping it riff heavy! Whereas 'Hypocrites' hints at a progressive nature to our music, 'Break These Chains' hopefully affirms this. 🎶

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