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“Are we Hypocrites? Are we Vipers? Are we all the same?”


Promising to embark listeners on a captivating journey of self-discovery and transformation, K.A.B is an alternative, progressive, heavy rock band hailing from Coventry, UK. With a masterful blend of wailing guitars, intricate instrumentation, and melancholic hooks, their unique sound sets them apart in the realm of rock music. 

Led by visionary musician Kevin Button, K.A.B has successfully crafted a sound that manifests a fusion of influences ranging from the likes of Biffy Clyro, Steven Wilson, and Metallica, creating one whole beautiful mess. An ever apprentice, Kevin uses his music to document his thoughts and considerations as he navigates his way through this thing we call life and does so in a very aesthetically pleasing way both on and off the stage.


Debuting with their highly anticipated album, 'Pause/Reflect,' in 2023, K.A.B delves into the tale of a protagonist who finds themselves trapped in a desert of longing, yearning for deeper meaning. A chance encounter with a higher power ignites a transformative journey, as they strive to break free from their captive patterns, experiencing both bliss and turmoil while gazing upon the world they live in. The album serves as a poignant reminder that life extends beyond one’s self, urging listeners to challenge judgment and hypocrisy from within.


"KAB portrays a really strong conviction and artistic persona that comes very naturally from how deeply they consider and connect to the music they write. Their established sense of artistry is a highlight and strength of their performance." - Matthew Cossey, Nexus ICA Principal and Nord Artist.


Connect with KAB on Facebook (@KABband), Instagram (@k.a.bmusic), TikTok (@kabband) and sign up to their mailing list below to join K.A.B on their musical odyssey and be part of an extraordinary experience.

Contact KAB at the link below for all relevant booking enquires:


Another day, another night. Another life that’s in the dark. Captured by his own greed. With empty words he stabs the knife. Another lie to bestow
. Just as long as he feels rich. Don’t we see it? The darkness in us all.

Break These Chains

⛓️Cause our hearts to wake up. Let us see the structures of Babylon. We’re building our own prisons. By chasing the desires of Babylon. Trying to the find the answers. By drowning all our sorrows, Babylon. Disguising this as freedom. They’re chains that must be broken away from Babylon.⛓️

Never Said

He never said you were meant to do this alone

He never said you weres upposed to stay the same
You are my old self, yet you cling on anyway
Woah oh

The Prisoners Voyage

A union, a voyage
. Caught by the winds, and destined for death. As fear looms. Confusion
. The captain tries to take charge. Through doing routine
. The best way he knows how.


See below, into this land. See the dying souls of the lost. In our Generation
Flesh hunts flesh, when its our land. Lovers of ourselves, we are. This is our Generation

Pause / Reflect / Transform

⛓️In His Presence chains come undone⛓️

Hey You

Hey you, out there in the cold. Getting lonely, getting old. Can you feel me? Hey you, standing in the aisles. With itchy feet and fading smiles. Can you feel me? Hey you, don't help them to bury the light. Don't give in without a fight.

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