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K.A.B Presents:


On top of K.A.B, Kevin also spends time drumming for Vamoosery, a female-fronted progressive alt-rock/pop band from Coventry. 2023 marks the year new albums from both K.A.B and Vamoosery are released to world. If you like sound of K.A.B, the likelyhood is you will dig the output from Vamoosery also. As a taster please check out our music videos below. You can find more about Vamoosery by visiting our website here, checking out our main socials here and here and of course by listening to or buying the music here.

Spare Cover.jpeg
Spare Cover.jpeg
Listen - Single Art FINAL (7.9.23).png
YAAN - Single Art FINAL (7.9.23) (1).png
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